Hops - Hoplites

Swords - Swordsmen

Spears - Spearmen

SG - Steam giants

SC - Sulphur carabineers

Gyros - Gyrocopters

Docs - Doctors

Cata - Catapults; either the ship or the unit

Ram - Battering rams, or ram ships

Balloons - May refer to land or naval balloon units

Flames - Flame ships

SR - Steam rams

PWR - Paddle wheel rams, also known as paddle speedboats

CR - Combat report

GR - Governor’s Residence

TH - Town hall

Wall - Town wall

CT - Cultural treaty (for museums)

RP - Research points

Mobile - A temporary colony usually used for military purposes

Frontline - The first line in the combat report where hand to hand combat takes place

Backline - The second line in the combat report where the long range units are

Artillery - The third line in the combat report

Gen - Alliance General

HS - Home Sectretary.

Diplo - Diplomat

Boards - Official Ikariam Boards

Circ - Circular Message (Alliance)

Vmode - Vacation Mode

Gmode/Noob Mode - Godly Protection (For beginners)

"In the oven" - Refers to when a player is producing troops/ships

TR - Trade route